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Welcome to Area III
Area III is composed of eight states: Illinois, Wisconsin, Missouri, North Dakota, South Dakota, Minnesota, Kansas and Nebraska.
The area currently has 16 chapters and growing.

The Area III theme is: ‘‘Working Together with Excellence, Commitment and Integrity to Enhance a Legacy of Service.”
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National Area III Director Lady Stephanie E. Dunn   
Top Teens of America Advisor Lady Michele Davis  

Senior Citizens Lady Princetta Farris  
Status of Women Lady Marilyn Green  
Community Beautification Lady Janice Thompson  
Community Partnerships Catherine Miles  
Lady Rose Mary  

UNCF Lady Patrice Ball Reed   
NCNW Lady Susan Cottrell  
Sickle Cell Lady Yolanda Austin  
TLOD Literacy Lady Carla Cunningham  
March of Dimes Lady Delores Jones  

Upcoming Events
Upcoming Events