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Area Director's Message

Welcome to Area IV!

I am Lady Crystal C. Pittman, National Area IV Director and it is my pleasure to bring you greetings on behalf of Top Ladies of Distinction, Inc. and Top Teens of America in Area IV. The Area IV boundaries consist of seven states (Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Mississippi, Tennessee and Alabama) and the country Jamaica.  Chapters in Area IV have been beacons of light serving in various communities since 1967.

I encourage you to explore this page with its many facets in which the Area IV members have dedicated their time, talents and energy toward serving youth and adults. In accordance with promoting and carrying out Nationals five programmatic thrusts, projects and partnerships; as of March 2017 Area IV has launched a new initiative to partner with Elon Homes and Schools for Children. 

This Area IV initiative will allow members the opportunity to assist former foster care youth and young adults in transitioning smoothly into the workforce by providing shelter, education and technical training to ensure that these adults will be self sufficient while maintaining productive lives.

It is with hope that you will continue to visit us and follow the leadership and service rendered by Area IV Top Ladies and Top Teens. 

Please view the Area IV pictures, like us on Facebook and follow us on Twitter.

Yours in service,

Lady Crystal C. Pittman, 
National Area IV Director
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