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Balm in Gilead
The Balm In Gilead develops educational and training programs specifically designed to meet the unique needs of African American and African congregations that strive to become community centers for health education and disease prevention. The Balm In Gilead is known for its insightful understanding of religious cultures and values and extraordinary ability to build strong, trusted partnerships with faith communities. The Balm In Gilead has been entrusted to build the capacity of national faith structures to utilize their existing relationships to deliver comprehensive health services.

The Balm in Gilead is known for hosting  Healthy Churches 2020 National Conference. This conference is a 3½-day, nationally recognized conference to find answers to today’s complex health issues in our inner cities and rural areas; bringing together faith leaders, leading medical experts, health directors, community health workers, members of congregational health ministries and public health professionals to increase the skills and knowledge of those responsible for leading congregational and community health ministries.

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