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Excellence Through Culture, Education and Leadership

Goal: To build the next generation of Leaders with emphasis on three pillars: Culture, Education, and Leadership utilizing M.O.M.E.N.T.U.M as the foundation. Focus on adolescent suicide prevention, domestic violence, human trafficking, mental health/depression, stress disorders, In-Roads, NAACP-ACT-SO Program, UNCF MIT College Tours, Black Girls Rock, Black Girls Magic, Me & My Mentor, Dorothy Allen Chimney Black History Bowl, Vivien Coe Richard TTA Leadership Academy, St. Jude, March of Dimes Healthy Choices Conference, March for Babies, Mentoring Walks.




Our mission is to develop positive and assured Teens. Chapters are encouraged to develop a Program of Work Calendar and design workshops and seminars around character connector or virtues and Teen life skills such as:

Self-Control Integrity
Gentleness Gratitude
Kindness Dedication
Discipline Courteous
Patience Attitude
Generosity Love
Enthusiasm Self-discipline
Commitment Responsibility
Humbleness Tolerance

These should be 10-15 minute presentations that are conducted at each chapter meeting. The above-list is a suggested list, but other connectors may be more relevant to your Teens. Add others accordingly. A best practice would be to invite Ladies/Lords to make the presentations.

Suggested Monthly Topics for Guest Speakers
  • Appropriate Public Behavior
  • Peer Influence or Peer Pressure
  • Time Management
  • Goal Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Personal Finance
  • Social Graces and Leadership Skills



Teens will take ownership of making "Healthy Choices". Focus should be on March of Dimes Program. Teens will plan Healthy Choices conferences as individual chapters or chapter clusters. The goal is to increase overall annual contribution by 15%. Appoint a March of Dimes Chair in each Area to work with TTA National March of Dimes Chair in support of the total program. Collaborate with National Youth Volunteer Chair and National Youth Council and Chain Reaction Youth group of March of Dimes to provide support and open communication with Area Reps. on an ongoing basis.

Increase number of Teens and Ladies participating in Walk for Babies. As a culminating event at Syn-Lod, recognize Top chapters and areas.

Teens will take ownership of the St. Jude Children's Research Hospital Partnership to assist with leading the way the world understands, treats, and defeats childhood cancer and other life threatening diseases.


Mental Toughness

Mental toughness for solving life's challenges. We must be very specific about the expectations of Teens and Teens must understand that serious infractions will cause serious consequences to occur.

Teens will participate in a "Bullying" curriculum in partnership with the National Institutes of Health.

Suggested topics to assist Teens in solving life's challenges:
  • First Impressions….To Be or Not to Be
  • Stepping Up……Facing Adversity
  • Competition v. Cooperation
  • Starting with Myself
  • Attitude…. It's Your Call
  • Considerate Communication
  • Word Choice
  • Robert's Rules of Order/Parliamentary Procedures
  • When You Are in Charge – How to Conduct a Meeting



Empower the Teens to lead in the 21st Century. Train Teens to be effective Leaders. Chapters should implement local TTA Leadership Academies at the beginning of each program year. TTA Leadership will focus on Officer's responsibilities and duties, tools and resources necessary for a leader. To assist in the development of self-esteem, public speaking and leadership, Junior Toastmaster's Clubs will be formed.

  • ALL Teen Advisors and Teens must have a copy of TTA Governance.
  • Extensive training of TTA Chapter Presidents and Officers.
  • Prospective Teens to receive extensive and in depth orientation of TTA organization prior to Induction.
  • Encourage continuity, consistency and uniformity among all chapters.
  • Utilize TTA Chapter members (non-officers) as presenters.
  • All officers shall be provided with a copy of M.O.M.E.N.T.U.M.

Suggested topics to cover during the program year:

    • Parliamentary Procedures
    • Review Board/Code of Ethics
    • Membership Procedures – New Members/Types of Membership
    • Rituals
    • Chapter Guidelines
    • Chapter Checklist/Finances
    • Protocol
    • Standard Operating Procedures/National and Chapter
    • Review National, Area and Local TTA Bylaws

  • TTA Dress Code – Dress to impress. Encourage all chapters to dress in business attire for their monthly meetings to assist in their preparation for Area and Syn-Lod meetings. Business casual attire where appropriate, may also be worn.
  • Chapter Point System should be administered in local chapters to assist with involvement, attendance and participation of activities.

Academic and Educational seminars and workshops should include topics on:

  • Test Taking/Study Techniques
  • How to write an Essay effectively
  • Interpersonal Skills
  • Coping Skills
  • Oral & Written Skills
  • Financial Aid
  • Technical Skills
  • Careers/Job Application Seminars
  • Entrepreneurship Opportunities



Foster networking with each other and other corporations and organizations. Offer seminars and workshops to assist Teens in reaching obtainable educational and life goals. Chapters should offer tutorial and other academic assistance to Teens. Partner with local schools, libraries, and other civic organizations to implement programs. An internal referral network of resources for scholarships, technical schools and other post-high school options should be maintained by chapters.

  • Encourage networking among Teens and Teens Advisors.
  • Establish a network with all Chapter TTA Presidents.
  • Promote parental involvement.
  • Educate Teens on "how to network".
  • Encourage Teens to begin mapping their career choices.
  • Offer Tutorials on State exams, SAT, PSAT, TAAKS (State Testing) Preparation



Top Teens of America and TLOD - We are a team. Teens and Ladies should collectively provide community services through our Program Thrusts and Projects. (See TLOD Program)


UNCF – increase level of UNCF Walkers and Telethon participants; increase chapter and individual contributions by developing a plan of action to get the word out and communicate effectively among chapters.

NAACP – increase number of Teens participating in NAACP ACT-SO Scholarship Competition by taking more of an active role in NAACP national programs. Encourage all Teens and Ladies to purchase NAACP membership.

NCNW – increase level of participation of Teens in National Council of Negro Women local programs; Increase number of Teens who may be eligible to participate in NCNW national oratorical contest.

Sickle Cell Disease Awareness - Workshop on Sickle Cell Disease, Screening Drive for Sickle Cell; Volunteer at local Sickle Cell Office; Toy Drives for Sickle Cell patients; Big Brothers/Big Sisters.

TLOD Literacy Program – "Girls and Boys Booked on Barbershops"; Sponsor school supplies drives; Organize and participate in read-in-programs, "Spelling Bees," and Junior Toastmasters Clubs.



We are a unit of one. Develop and encourage programs that promote the appreciation of ethnic and cultural heritage and that cultivate positive mental attitudes.

Chapters should sponsor activities around ethnic celebrations to include:

  • Announcements of UNCF VIPs, Gala's and Celebrities in local cities
  • Kwanzaa Celebration
  • Black History Month
  • Harambee Festival
  • Encourage TLC (Teens-Ladies-Connecting) activities with Founders Day Celebrations
  • Encourage TLC (Teens-Ladies-Connecting) activities with Scholarship Luncheons



We will come together for Mentorship. We will establish responsible and empowered relationships between Teens and Ladies.

  • Chapters should engage each Top Teen and Top Lady in the Me and My Mentor Program.
  • Encourage Teens and Ladies to exchange information by completion of the Mentor and Mentee Profile.
  • Each Top Teen should be matched with a Lady by the end of November of current fiscal year.
  • Activities should be planned year round to nurture and cultivate the relationship.
  • Mentor and Mentee should have photo and narrative printed in "Me and My Mentor" publication.