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TTA President's Message
Greetings Top Teens of America!

I am Teen Benjamin Chapman and I have the pleasure of serving as your Top Teens of America National President. I am thrilled to bring greetings on behalf of the members of Top Teens of America.

Top Teens of America was founded in 1969 which makes it 49 years old, and for 49 years Top Teens of America National presidents have served with honor and dedication. Each past President has passed down a legacy of service, I hope to be as great a servant to the organization as those Presidents who served before me.

As National President, I plan to work to strengthen our mentoring program between the Top Ladies, Lords and Teens. There is a saying, “It takes a village to raise a child” the Ladies, Lords and Teens create an awesome village. With the support of the entire TLOD family Top Teens of America’s future is incredible.

Top Teens are represented by six geographical areas. I see the hard work each area is doing to represent Top Teens across the country. With your help I plan on increasing diversity within our organization so that Top Teens of America will be the premier shining star of Teen service in this great nation. I encourage every Teen to stay active in your chapters; in your areas and in your communities. The Top Teens motto is “Participation is our Foundation as Leaders of Tomorrow. I extend my hand in asking you all to join me in making Top Teens of America the best organization it can be.

Yours in service,

Teen Benjamin Chapman
National President- Top Teens of America